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FVE Sound Advice: Don’t worry, we’re on it.

Should I use an on-site or ‘day-of’ coordinator?

Short answer – Yes! For any event you wish to hold, a certified professional event planner can make your day run a lot smoother.

The benefits works hand in hand for both clients and vendors.

Client benefits

  • The event is kept organized in the time frame allotted
  • You’re able to spend more time with your guests
  • Your volunteers have a point of contact with all tasks
  • They are a great resource for additional information to help with your plans

Vendor benefits

  • Great communication and coordination of when each task is to be executed
  • Administrative issues can be resolved through the coordinator instead of the client directly
  • Professional Networking

Will it cost me a lot to have a Day-of planner?

It all depends on your budget. However, one thing for sure – it’s a value-added benefit to your occasion. Most event coordinators work by both percentage and flat rate – depending on the type of event.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many coordinators and there are two that shine above the rest from my professional experience.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue Events

Heather Shortall – has always gone that extra mile for her clients and the vendors she works with. You can find her on Facebook and various wedding groups serving 1000 Islands to Kingston areas.


Krista Stechyson – is straight cool. She also services the Kingston and surrounding areas.

Both have been on point with everything their clients needed. I will always recommend them and if they are not available, I would probably consider changing the event date. In other words do not hesitate to book them early.

Thanks again for choosing Future Vibes Entertainment.

We are now booking 2019/2020


Carlos MrSolo

FVE Sound Advice: Your DJ Can Do More

What more can your DJ do for your event?

As you plan for your wedding, corporate or private event, choosing a DJ that has more than one sound service type can be beneficial.

What other services can my FVE DJ offer?

Sound Technician – A DJ can also be your sound technician in a live setup. With having to setup Professional Audio speakers and microphones for our own DJ set, we have knowledge of various mixing consoles and positioning to obtain the best sound playback for your guests.

Event/Stage Management – We are always on stage or beside it. While playing the music between sets, we can keep the performances in order and on time. DJs are there before and after the program for setup and take-down.

If I already have a DJ, can I hire you for other sound services?

Absolutely – We welcome working with all talents. Plus providing DJ services ourselves we know exactly what they need.

We believe all entertainers, have the same goal in mind – providing our clients and their guests with quality entertainment and a memorable experience.

Thank you for considering FVE as your option for setting your vibe right. We look forward to working with you on you next project.


Carlos ‘MrSolo’ – DJ/Owner

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