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FVE Sound Check: Destination DJ Services

What’s New…

After many thoughts, questions, suggestions, deliberations and, yes… requests; we will be offering tiered Destination DJ Vibe packages. It will be available for destination weddings  starting in the spring of 2020 for 2021 event bookings.

What Are Your Benefits…

Imagine going to a resort of your choice  and celebrating with music of your choice. With FVE DDJV, you can do  exactly that. Our DJs will work with you to curate the vibe that you, your family and friends will enjoy. We will even work with the on-site coordinators to ensure smooth transitions from ceremony to the reception dinner and dance. Leave the technical details to us.

MexicoWeddingDDJVWhat Are Your Options…
  • DDJV Seven – Your FVE DJ will fly to your destination and give you that live wedding DJ experience. You can customize and make song changes or requests on-site. We consider this as the best option as it includes ceremony and reception music. You can have an additional night in the Disco area of the location.
  • DDJV Five – With streaming technology improving daily, your FVE DJ can play a 5 hour live set from here and you dance where you are. Song requests can still be sent via social media in real time. Video or sound only options can be selected.
  • DDJV Four – Your FVE DJ will curate 4 one-hour set mixes using your requested songs and preferred music genres.  Suitable for those traveling to locations with no onsite entertainment option.
When Can I Book…

DDJV Four will be available for 2020 wedding dates immediately at the launch date. DDJV Five and Seven will available for 2021 destination wedding dates.

Wedding DJ on a CruiseWe are always looking for ways to help you with your DJ entertainment.  This one more way to satisfy  your vibe experience.  As always,  thank you for choosing Future Vibes Entertainment DJ Services + – Diverse, Quality, DJ Entertainment.


– Vibe Setters

FVE Sound Advice: The Karaoke DJ

Are you ready for your solo?

With a lot of choices for types of entertainment available for your event, this sound advice is all about singing along. I have been asked many of times if we provide karaoke services or have a karaoke machine. We do not, however I have, many of times, thought of adding that feature to our aresonal of options.

Next up… You

Here’s what I suggest for those thinking of having karaoke at their wedding or celebration. If you have enjoyed singing at a local pub with your family and friends, directly speak to that same provider to discuss your options. The only downside is that you are limited to the vendor’s video library. If the majority of your guests value similar taste in music and aren’t shy, then you are golden.

Sing along to this one

As a Dj, I can’t count the number of times a talented cousin has asked for the microphone to serenade my clients. A normal DJ can remove the vocal range of any song or provide instrumentals for all guests to sing over. Only difference, you will need to know or Shazam the lyrics for yourself.

Both options are fun, I prefer to focus my ability to try and have all guests feel included in the celebration without truly putting them on the spot. But I will call you out if you’re chair dancing.

Thanks again for choosing Future Vibes Entertainment.

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Carlos ‘MrSolo’