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Press release. 2016-09-02 Kingston, ON

As we get ready to present our services in the upcoming wedding shows, we are proud to give details on how we will be better serving you.

What’s New:

  • Online Request Management –  we have upgraded our booking request system which includes instant email notification; modify and cancelation options; and online payment features. 
  • My Event – Clients can now modify their requests and make additional through a link in there email. This link is exclusive to their request and cannot be accessed by anyone else via any other methods.
  • Stage / Up-lighting – Enhance your decor, and highlight special features or the dancefloor of your night.
  • Wireless Sound – we can now cover larger venues with our wireless speaker system. Perfect for ceremonies and outdoor events. 

What’s Coming:

  • Video Dance Party – in the coming year we will be presenting a video dance option for your event. Personalize your wedding on screen or patch a live feed from your videographer. Make the school dance pop with the latest music videos. 

We are looking forward to working with all our clients for the year 2017. 

Thanks for choosing Future Vibes Entertainment 

Carlos MrSolo 

Follow us on social media @futurevibesent @carlosmrsolo 

FVE Holiday Greeting

Well the holidays are upon us and our DJs are in full swing of the Season.

Congratulations goes out to DJ D.U.I (Devin) of Future Vibes who begins a 6 month contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. A lot of work is ahead of him, but we know the whole ship will be rocking to the music he will spin.

DJ @CarlosMrSolo is in Toronto providing the music for The Montserrat Association of Toronto Old Fashioned Christmas Party


DJ TuMuch is preparing his new mixtape series F21 and it will be added to our site for your streaming pleasure or download it as a podcast.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Vibe Setters