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FVE Sound Advice: Requesting a DJ Quote


As we come to a close of 2013 and enter into to a new season of events and weddings, booking a disc jockey will be on the list of items to take care of.

Be prepared with a list of questions to ask from your entertainers, however be prepared to provide the following information to your DJ:

Date of event – this will always be the first item entertainers need  to make sure we are available   

Location – this could be the city or the actual address of the event or wedding. As much as we all would like traveling to be Free, it will be a factor in the cost of services

Number of Guests – this is an approximate number. Why would a DJ want to know this particular piece of information? Well if you have 250 guests attending, we need to prepare for enough sound to allow all to enjoy.

Budget – Ah yes, the dreaded question most clients do not like to answer. Though this item is optional, it will let a DJ know how much services they can give you to maximize the experience you are expecting. It also let’s you know what you can get from the provider and make that informed decision much easier.

With the above items, anyone can quickly give you an estimate over the phone, via email, or instant message. 

Good luck with your search.  If you are looking for a DJ,  feel free to contact us or fill out our quote Click here

Vibes Setters

2011 Wedding Season – DJ Services

Future Vibes Entertainment is please to announce a new promotion courtesy of Make-It-Prolific.

Mention that you want to ‘Make It Prolific’ or enter the code ‘PROLIFIC1’ on our request for services form and you will save 5% off of your Standard or Deluxe Wedding DJ Package.

This promotion is not just exclusive to wedding dj packages. Corporate DJ services and Private DJ services can also benefit from this great promotion.

Be sure to follow @MakeItProlific on Twitter for updates on events and other great deals.