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COVID 19 - We now provide Virtual Streaming Options
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FVE’s Sound Advice: DJ vs Live Entertainment

Hey Vibe Setters,

It’s your big date and you wonder if you should choose a live band or DJ entertainment.

Sound Advice Tip # 2: Live Band or DJ

Well I have looked into pros and cons for both and have decided .. it’s entirely up to your budget and how organized you would like your reception.

Pros/Cons – DJ

  • Costs – recommended for those with low – high entertainment budgets
  • Timing – Music and start and stop on cue without interupting the schedule
  • Music – All recordings are original or how you heard it on the radio or album
  • Interaction – Requests and announcements can be organized prior or made during the event
  • Space – DJs can work with a relatively small corners, thus not taking away room from the dance floor

Pros/Cons – Live Band

  • Interaction – concert like interaction with an available dance floor.
  • Costs – recommended for those with medium – high entertainment budgets
  • Timing – band requires breaks/set up time between sets. Perfect for cocktails and ceromonies.
  • Music – Live and personalized. Requests are limited to the bands talent and music knowledge.
  • Space – A larger venue may be required as a full band requires more of the stage


Giving those pointers, I would suggest the use of both for those with the high entertainment budgets but a DJ fits in all situations…

I hope you have found this usefull

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