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COVID 19 - We now provide Virtual Streaming Options
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FVE’s ‘Sound’ Advice: Wedding Season 2009

Hey newly engaged couples and wedding planners,

As you prepare to get your life on the way in holy matrimony I just want to every now and again share some tips on looking for your musical entertainment requirements or give you some “Sound advice”.

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Sound Advice Tip #1 – Costs

FVE believes in maintaining a standard costing schedule that is available to the public. Therefore, 5 hours of DJ service to Bride A (who may have a high entertainment budget) will cost the same as 5 hours of DJ service to Bride B (who may have a low budget). It’s still 5 hours of DJ service

If a DJ Company is unwilling to provide its clients details of its pricing structure, then the company may not be giving you all of what you are paying for.

Future Vibes Entertainment lists its packages right up front on its website

Take a browse through and let us know if another company can compare to the cost and quality ratio.

I hope this tip is useful on your search and congrats on the engagement.

– Carlos ‘Mr Solo’
Future Vibes Entertainment
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